RHM – rail high measurement system

RHM im Einsatz

If certain material removal must be documented for the rail conditioning, then this can be measured using the RHM—Rail high measurement system. The pre-measurements are compared to the final measurements and the difference provide the achieved material removal. The measurement accuracy is 30 μm, the repeat accuracy 20 μm.

Read more about the RHM system and its technical data below or download our RHM leaflet.


To create a fixed reference point for the measurement, the base plate must be firmly attached to track to be measured.  It must be installed before starting work and removed after the last measurement process. The RHM base plates are produced for rail base widths of 150 mm (UIC60) and 125 mm (S49/54), and may be prepared for measurement with only a few hand movements.  The base plates are assembled and attached to the rail underside using rail clips and clamping levers.

Measuring procedure

Before rail conditioning the measuring head and dial gauge are placed on the mounting bolts of the base plate and then the dial gauge is positioned on the rail. Depending on the requirement, the measuring value displayed on one or more (max. 5) positions is read and entered in an evaluation sheet. After rail conditioning, the described sequence of operations is repeated.


The values entered in the analysis sheet are compared to the prior and final measurements, and the differences are calculated. This provides the material removal for each measured position.

Scope Of Delivery

  1. Measuring head/upper part
  2. Precision dial gauge (analogue)
  3. Base plates (2–6 units)
  4. Assembly tool
  5. Manual
  6. Transport case (1–2)

Technical Data

Horizontal measurement path 40,0 mm
Vertical measurement path 50,0 mm
Dial gauge resolution 0,01 mm (analog)
Measurement inaccuracy 0,03 mm
Working weight measuring head approx. 2 kg
Transport weight approx. 28 kg (2 cases with 6 baseplates)
Transport dimensions(L×B×H) 50 × 24 × 34 cm (each case)

Optional accessories

Digital dial gauge

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