LP-Mini – Miniature longitudinal profile measuring device

LP-Mini im Einsatz

The LP-Mini—miniature longitudinal profile measuring device is used for approval of railway grinding work for determining the maximum permitted wave depth on a random basis (e.g. incorrect ground section with fish type). The measuring device is also well suited for the depth determination of impressions in the track running surfaces or other faulty or damaged metal surfaces (amongst others, black / brown spots, ball impressions or skid tracks), and for brief unevenness up to 250 mm wave lengths. The LP-Mini makes checking the rail maintenance much easier.

Read more about the LP-Mini and its technical data below or download our LP-Mini leaflet.


The base plate is placed with both magnetic plates on the rail head. For this purpose the test carriage guide groove is used as a guide for the area to be measured.  The dial gauge is plugged and fixed into this location hole of the test carriage.

Measuring procedure

To take the measurement, the test carriage along with the guide pins are placed in the base plate.  Once the test carriage with the dial gauge is pulled over the rail, the measuring value can be read from the dial gauge.


A measurement log can be prepared, if documentation is required.

Scope Of Delivery

  1. Transport bag
  2. Short base plate
  3. Test carriages
  4. Dial gauge
  5. Manual
  6. Replacement probe

Technical Data

Measuring length 50,0 mm – 250,0 mm
Dial gauge lift 3,0 mm
Dial gauge resolution 0,01 mm
Working weight approx. 750 g
Transport weight approx. 1 kg

Optional Accessories

Long base plate

Video tutorial on the handling of the LP-Mini

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