MSG 01–Mobile rinsing equipment for rails and track switches

MSG01 at track cleaning

The cleaning unit installed on the railway carriage consists of several containers. The water supply is stored in a container for liquids. The processing system for rinsing and hot water, high pressure pumps and control technology is installed in the equipment carrier container. A power generator with an additional fuel tank provides an independent energy supply.

The nozzles installed underneath the vehicles are partially operated with high pressure and are within the structure gauge specified by Deutsche Bahn AG.

application types

  • Maintenance measures
  • Cleaning track switches and rail on gravel and fixed track systems
  • Cleaning and lubricating slide plates
  • Leaf removal during autumn traffic
  • Dust removal from railway facilities
  • Fire protection

Application Areas

  • Maintenance and construction measures
    within the Deutsche Bahn AG area and bordering countries

Special Features

  • Suitable for winter operations up to about -10°C (-50°F)
  • Transportation speed 100 km/h (62 mph)
  • 24.000 l water reserve
  • Two-directional operation

Further information and technical data can be found in our MSG 01 Info Flyer (German only).

Video of cleaning service with MSG01

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