DQM 3 Tram

DQM3 Tram measurement device with Panasonic Toughbook

The development of the DQM3 Tram was based on the DQM3. It serves as a high-precision rail head cross-section measuring instrument for public transport systems around the world. The measuring mechanics, developed for grooved and flat bottomed rails, combines a robust carbide length gauge in order to record the driving head with a laser for scanning the groove bottom and the guide rail. During each measuring process on the grooved rails, the height difference between the groove bottom and the driving head is measured in order to calculate the removal of material during track treatment. The laser sensor is deactivated during the measurement of Vignoles rails.

Read more about the DQM system and its technical data below or download our DQM leaflet.


The mechanical components on the measuring instrument housing as well as the add-on parts are designed in such a way that the measuring instrument rests 50 mm above the upper edge of the rail. Thus, the DQM3 Tram spans both protruding asphalt in areas with a closed track bed as well as guard rails in Vignoles rail areas. The extension arm covers the gauge of the respective railway infrastructure manager by default. A multi-extension arm is available as an accessory. This makes the measuring instrument suitable for gauges from 900 mm to 1668 mm, especially for railway workers.

Operation and Real-Time Evaluation

As with our conventional DQM3, a wireless or a wired connection to a Windows-compatible terminal must be established in order to operate the measuring device. Both models are controlled via the software »DQM Professional«, i.e. the measuring process is started from the software and the route data is recorded digitally. By means of real-time evaluation, records and reports are produced during data acquisition. If further evaluations are required, the measured data can be accessed at any time. In addition to the most common reference templates, the customer has a large number of special templates or also individually created customer templates at his/her disposal. Automatic assignment of distinct file names also enables easy cloud archiving.

Product contents

  1. DQM 3 measuring head
  2. boom with tensioning hooks (selectable track gauge) and track stop
  3. battery
  4. charger
  5. USB cable
  6. manual
  7. tablet PC (Panasonic Toughbook)
  8. carrying case

Technical data DQM3 Tram

horizontal measuring range up to 135.0 mm
vertical measuring range 70.0 mm
resolution probe 0.01 mm
resolution laser sensor 0.05 mm
measuring range (95% CF) probe < 0.05 mm
measuring range (95% CF) laser sensor < 0.15 mm
measurement time (max. measurement range) approx. 18 s
return time (maximum) 6 s
energy consumption (on standby) 0.25 A
energy consumption (during measurement) 0.49 A
battery type / battery capacity NiMh 12 V / > 3.5 Ah
coverage (measurements/battery charge) min. 250
operating temperature range -10°C to +35°C
weight approx. 9 kg
total weight (incl. case) approx. 20 kg

DQM professional software

The flexible and at the same time easy way of assessing measurement data is further processing on the PC. For this purpose, the DQM system offers the DQM Professional software which was especially programmed for the measurement and add-on equipment.
With help from the DQM Professional, the measurements can be imported from the memory card, superimposed on others and saved for archiving purposes. Different methods are available for the profile analysis and numerical analysis. Output of the measurement curves on the printer and in files is as possible as the transfer of measurement curves into a drawing program.

Target profile
For comparing the measured profile with the specifications or rail head forms of new rails, a multitude of profiles can be delivered as a file. There is an option of creating templates according to customer requests, which is especially useful for special profile attempts.

Tablet PC (Toughbook)

We recommend the Panasonic Toughbook series as perfect partner for our DQM, as they are is vibration and shock resistant and water- and dustproof to IP65, and thus ideally suited to use in track laying operations. The Windows®-based tablet PCs have exceptionally bright Transflective-Plus LCD screens with Dual Touch. The batteries are usually hot-swappable, avoiding any down-time. The integral GPS receiver supplies the locational information for measurements.

For further information and technical data of the Panasonic Toughbook series visit the Panasonic website.

Optionales Zubehör

Plotter case
The mobile plotter case comprises a portable, battery-powered inkjet printer and docking station for the tablet PC. The components within the case are charged via a central plug.

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