An overview of our measuring devices

  • DQM IIIThe DQM—digital cross profile measuring device is a portable, robust manual measuring device for rail head profile measurements especially for the quality control in reprofiling work. It can also be used for track approval inspections.
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  • DGMWith the DGM—Digital gauge measurement system installed on the DQM, the gauge of the track is measured, after the cross profile recording, and the data are saved digitally.  The equivalent taper is determined using the corresponding software.
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  • RHMThe RHM—Rail High Measurement System is used during rail conditioning and measures the worn track material using a high precision analogue dial gauge.
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  • LP-MiniThe LP-Mini—miniature longitudinal profile measuring device is used to evaluate, document and treat metrologically some uneven points and individual damage sites on the track running surfaces.
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We develop, produce, market and maintain measuring devices for specifying geometrical sizes on tracks for analysing the rail surface. The data determined using our measuring devices allow a targeted and requirement dependent rail contouring which significantly improves the driving behaviour in railway transportation, and consequently reduces the maintenance costs for the operator.

DB permissionOur measuring devices set worldwide standards, most of them meet the authorisation provisions of international railway operators, for example Deutsche Bahn AG, and are widely protected by trademark rights such as EU patents and utility patents. The devices are used by the German, Austrian and Swiss railways and other railway operators throughout the world.
Well-known railway workers such as SPENO International S.A., Schweerbau GmbH & Co. KG, voestalpineBWG GmbH & Co. K, STRABAG Rail GmbH and many more are using our measuring devices.

We do not only make our measuring devices available to railway operators and rail profile workers, but also offer our own measuring service.

In addition to the development and production, another focal point is the service of our measuring devices. The inspection and maintenance methods approved by Deutsche Bahn AG are applied annually for all measuring devices.  A new linearization and calibration is also completed here.

Video of our measuring devices

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