Wheel/Track consulting

Use our know-how for a future based strategy in track maintenance! Whether in creating a running surface service concept, custom-developed guidelines or an application manual for rail system technologies.

Running surface service concept

In the running surface service concept, the customer specific requirements of rail running surfaces are prepared taking into account the maintenance efforts. For this purpose short term and long term considerations must be prepared.

  • Short term considerations
    The action-supported maintenance causes many individual actions for securing the operation readiness. All resources the customer has available are exhausted, and with specific use of third party service providers the best possible results are achieved.
  • Long term considerations
    he preventative maintenance is a contrived concept for rotational maintenance work on rail systems. For example, for a transport company with about 100 km (62 miles), a concept is prepared for an 8-year network covered maintenance. Here the running behaviour of the vehicle is as appealing as the arc radii and the superstructure load in general.

Guidelines for track superstructure work

The constantly growing market of companies offering track superstructure work prompts more and more railway operators to demand detailed requests for quality and performance. In cooperation with our customers, we develop and create customer specific guidelines for superstructure work, since existing guidelines, e.g. by Deutsche Bahn AG cannot always be entirely transferred to other traffic companies. We analyse your rail parameters and prepare a body of rules that contain clearly defined performance standards for the service provider.

Support in the tender procedure

With our many years support of rail grinding vehicles in local and long-distance traffic segments, we know the problem completing grind and maintenance work in urban areas. It is our objective to prepare an optimum project processing and thus provide relief to the customers. This starts with the invitation to tender. Control measurements are taken on the tracks to condition, and divided into profile / damage groups. Already during the tender procedure it can be distinguished if 0.3 mm or 3.0 mm material are to be machined on the track. If tenders are provided by rail workers, we compare the work methods, prices and check the indicated performance parameter.

Further information and technical data can be found in our Service Flyer (German only).

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