MSG 02–compact and individual

MSG02 with individual applications

The cleaning module (container construction) installed on a pocket carriage contains a 22.000 litre water tank and two equipment carriers with processing systems for rinsing and hot water, high pressure pumps and the control technology in its standard configuration. The power generator provides an independent energy supply.

MSG02 can be converted in only a short time and be adjusted for individual applications—e.g. for excavators, vehicle hoists and street-bound maintenance vehicles.

Application Types

  • Maintenance measures
  • Cleaning track switches and rail on gravel and fixed track systems
  • Cleaning and lubricating slide plates
  • Leaf removal during autumn traffic
  • Dust removal from railway facilities
  • Fire protection
  • Uptake of ferromagnetic residue

Application Areas

  • In addition to the maintenance and construction measures in the Deutsch Bahn AG area, MSG02 can also be used in tunnels with smaller structure gauges (e.g. Metropolitan railway), local transport and bordering countries.

Special Features

  • Smaller body height
  • Transportation speed 100 km/h (62 mph)
  • Modular design
  • Lifting system for ferromagnetic residue
  • Waste water uptake system (optional)
  • Intake and blower system (optional)

Further information and technical data can be found in our MSG 02 Info Flyer (German only).

Video of our crane waggon for shaft renovation


Technical paper in Der Eisenbahningenieur – issue 04/2014:
»Systematic cleaning and maintenance of canalisation«
Download the full article as PDF (10 MB, German only)

Video of our crane waggon for shaft renovation

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