Cleanliness provides safety—high pressure on the rails!

We have designed and developed the "Mobile rinsing and cleaning system for railway systems and track switches [MSG]", to minimize failures and risk factors after maintenance work on running surfaces of the tracks. The safety on high speed tracks and on fixed track systems is significantly increased by cleaning the track system. Depending on the requirements of our customers, the MSG can either be used by the ordering party's locomotive, or by a contracted railroad company.

The versatility of our MSG cleaning systems and devices allows us to expand the service spectrum for cleaning the railway systems without effort. As a result we can cover cleaning the sewage pipes and sewage supply shafts, as well as cleaning the conductor rail covers with brush technology plus jet blasting the conductor rail supports.

Our cleaning devices are also well suited for:

  • Fire protection
  • Leaf removal during autumn traffic
  • Tunnel walls & installations

We are more than pleased to complete machine adjustments for your cleaning tasks. Please contact us.

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