Conductor rail cleaning

Conductor rails at metropolitan railway

Under increased safety conditions, we will also complete the cleaning of conductor rail covers. To avoid a ground fault, the electrical insulators and conductor rail supports are additionally cleaned by hand with max. 500 bar of high pressure. Additional cleaning agents * may be used to intensify the cleaning.

The conductor rail covers are cleaned using our specially developed brush technology. The rotating brushes are powered by a hydraulic aggregate. The driving speed of the vehicle regulates the propulsion along the cover. All three sides can be processed in one working range.  The permanent water flow rinses off all the dirt.

The most varied designs of the conductor rail supports prevent an automated cleaning of these. Best suited for this are our high pressure hand lances with turbo milling jets. By spraying down the conductor rail support, the dirt is removed and possible earth short-circuits are eliminated.

Depending on the operational possibilities, a cleaning capacity of 800—1000 meters (2624—3280 ft) per hour is possible.The assembly on railway carriages of the customer is possible.

The assembly on railway carriages of the customer is possible.


* We pay closest attention to the environmental compatibility of the cleaning agents used.

Video of special tasks of our cleaning unit

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